Parking Pill

Simple device for parking solutions

Parking Pill

Everyone is talking about parking problems in their locations and literally no one knows what to do with it, how to deal with it or better how to solve these problems. It is caused by raising number of population and so raising number of cars on the road. We cannot stop any of it, but we can propose simple solution by which you could have an instrument for controlling the parking issues.

Simple solution of big problem

The problems in relation to parking can be solved in quick and effective way by this little helper – parking sensor called the Parking Pill. It is a low-cost solution for cities in which is a need of better parking policy, of operating patrols and to control of parking in general. It can be used for private providers/utilities as well. Parking provider can install this sensor to assure a parking lots as the payed ones, the reserved lots too.

Parking Pill – what is that?

This little and low-cost device is installed right into the ground on the road (into an asphalt or concrete areas). Parking pill is fully compatible with LPWAN technology (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) by Sigfox. This technology allows the connection and communication of built-in devices with the Internet within a few kilometers ensuring a low power consumption. With this sensor you can have real information about the reserved parking lots, no parking zones and lots – all in maps or specific apps. It can be a big help for the municipalities in case of optimization of the parking policy – because it is placement can be used in critical places and areas such as crossroad (waiting in front of the crossroad or just behind it). In such areas it is very dangerous for the right continuity of traffic and even for pedestrians. Another use of Parking Pill can be application to the places where the emergency cars are located (ambulance cars, firemen cars and police too).

Main benefits:

How it is working?

Installation/ application is very simple, and it takes only 10 minutes and I bet you can do it. Firstly, you must drill a hole for sensor right into the ground (the best application for proper working device is to put it into middle of the parking slot/place) – the assembly requires a cordless impact drill with SDS-Plus head set and SDS-Plus drill with a diameter of 40 mm and a working length of at least 180 mm. Parking pill must be installed into a rigid material such as concrete. Parking pill must be installed to the dry hole!

It very simple, what do you think? After the application, the device will be sending you the data/ information whether the parking place is reserved or not. This data/ information is sent right into your app on your PC.  Such solution can help to reduce the cost on fuel of the operating patrols and even of the people which are looking for a parking place.

Andrej Dobak